Massage Table Paper Roll x 6 ( 60cm x 195cm)


Suitable for Sports Injury Massage, Hair and Beauty Salon,Physio Treatment, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Tattoo, Healing Massage, Swedish Massage, Reiki, Physiotherapy, Waxing.

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The paper roll table cover is ideal for use on all massage tables, keeps the material of the table clean and sanitary and soaks up any possible spills. A cheap and easy way to keep your table clean.

Paper roll size: 60cm x 195cm per sheet, 80 Metres per roll, 41 Sheets per Roll.
High Quality 2 Ply Paper, Absorbing oil and protect the massage table.
Super soft and comfortable and keeps your massage table clean and hygienic.
Great value for money, one sheet per table, easy use.
60cm wide to cover most of your table.


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