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Ishka Massage Equipment

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How to Redeem Your Coupon

Step 1) First you will need to register on our site. To do so, select the Menu at the top left side of the navigation bar

Step 2) Click on the 'Sign in'.

Step 3) If you are a new customer, please select “New Customer”. For all those who have already registered, please select “Returning Customer” and fill in your email and password

Step 4) Complete registration and hit Continue button at the bottom of the pages

Step 5) If you have already logged in you can now go shopping.

Step 6) Select the item you want to buy and add to Cart. 

Step 7)  Click on the Cart icon to the right of our logo and you will see a drop down display of all the items in your basket.

Step 8) Click on the View Cart on the bottom of the menu. Do not click checkout yet

Step 9) Enter your coupon code and select “Apply Coupon”.

Step 10) ) If the coupon has been successfully added, a green message will appear on the top of the screen.

Step 12) You can see that your discount has been applied to the total price. 

If instead of a green confirmation message, you see a red one, this means that your coupon has not been successfully added. This could be due to an incorrect code, an expired voucher, or perhaps you are not logged in.  Please feel free to contact us if you continue to experience issues.

Step 13) Click the checkout button to finalise payment.