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Ishka Massage Equipment

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Massage Accessories

We have a range of quality massage equipment accessories for students and professionals alike. Including Massage bolster in half round and full round in 7 different colours. Massage bed covers in material and PVC massage table protection cover sheet. Head rest face hole hygenic disposable cover sheet in pack of 100. Massage couch paper roll and paper roll holder. Massage plinth carry bag in two different size. Apron and wooden spoon for hot stone massage. Massage table head rest part.

Telescopic Clothes Herkules Duo-Adjustable Organisation,
Sorting system regularly individually. High quality. Adjustable IN height says width. Adaptable to various units, it can also be mounted at an angle. Powder-coated metal bars. High quality ABS says PP plastic parts.Coat Rack System, Steel, White, 38 ..
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